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Barbara M - San Diego

"I recommend Steve Gnau to others who have been hurt in accidents because of his honesty."

John S - San Diego

"As a member of the military, I appreciated how my interests were my lawyer’s first priority."

Steve M - San Diego

"The attorneys were dedicated to getting my wife the best results"

Barbara M - San Diego

"Steve Gnau’s dedication resulted in a final recovery over 4 times greater than the insurance company’s settlement offer."

Steve M - San Diego

"Steve Gnau’s medical expertise helped us so much."

Ted M. - San Diego

"I appreciate and compliment you on the professional, courteous and forthright manner in which the case was handled. Steve took the time to listen and respond in a way that comforted me at a very sad, busy and hectic time. It gave me faith. Keep up the good work!"

Cindy M. - San Diego

"I am truly grateful to Daniel Tamez and his staff for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life. They were very efficient and professional. I would sincerely recommend Daniel Tamez to everyone."

Kevin & Kim S. - San Diego

"Thank you for taking the time answering our questions and never making us feel like our questions were not warranted."

Valerie P. - San Diego

"My son was eight years old when Steve Gnau represented him. Steve was extremely patient and sensitive to the needs of a small child. Steve Gnau was knowledgeable about personal injury law and he was able to accurately predict what the other side would do before they did it."

Melody K. - San Diego

"Mr. Tamez, you have been an amazing advocate for me. I cannot convey how grateful I am for your willingness, let alone your enthusiasm."

Levi G. - San Diego

"When I first came into the offices, I had little hope for my case and was completely overwhelmed. Mr. Gnau's assertiveness, knowledge of the field, and speed at which he handles my case was far beyond my expectations. He clearly described all necessary information before, during and after every step of my case. Thank-you."

Chris B. - San Diego

"Mr. Gnau had a way to make everything that would occur understandable. He broke down each situation with patience so my wife and I could understand. He was extremely persistent in doing all that was possible to get our claims resolved."

Abby P. - San Diego

"Mr. Tamez, your are the best! You made this the easiest and fastest process. Thank you for all the time and effort you put towards my case."