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Tips to handle a low insurance settlement

We all know that insurance companies make their money by selling people insurance while denying as many claims as possible. Their other tactic is to pay the lowest amount a claimant is willing to accept. Dealing with a claim denial or a ridiculously low settlement offer can add insult to injury after a car accident. This is especially true when the other driver carries all of the fault for the collision.

What happens when a driver with bad insurance injures you?

You probably do everything you can to stay safe on the road. You follow the law. You wear your seat belt. You watch out for other drivers, as well as motorcycles and bicycles. No matter how careful you are, however, you can't control the poor decisions and bad driving of others.

Drivers must share the road with bicycles and motorcycles

Summertime is finally here, bringing the sunshine and warmth that makes people want to feel the wind on their faces. Although it's important to be aware of road conditions all year round, summer months demand extra vigilance when it comes to smaller vehicles. Under California law, motorcycles and bicycles share the same roadways with passenger motor vehicles, like cars and SUVs. While fatal crashes are declining for bicyclists, they are on the rise for motorcycles.

Common serious injuries in freeway accidents

When traveling in a motor vehicle, the faster you're going, the greater the risk for severe injuries. It should come as little surprise that freeway accidents often involve serious injuries. Vehicles traveling at top speeds have a hard time stopping quickly and add a lot of momentum to a crash. While vehicles are tested for safety after high speed crashes, injuries and fatalities can and do happen as a result of serious freeway accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can cause major medical and financial issues

You probably already knew when you bought your first motorcycle that there was a degree of risk that came with getting on it. Chances are that you learned to safely operate your motorcycle before taking it on public roadways. You know how to drive it and how to stay safe. You may choose to wear leather and a helmet or add reflective strips to your clothing, jacket, helmet or motorcycle.

Don't settle without legal counsel

Imagine driving to work Monday morning, well rested from a long three-day weekend and ready to have a productive week in the office. Your plan took an unexpected turn when another driver decided it was more important to send a text rather than pay attention to the road. Now you are facing high medical bills for your broken nose, dislocated shoulder and various other injuries. In addition, your doctor will not release you to return to work for another two weeks and your car is totaled. The other driver's insurance company called and offered you a settlement that will not even cover a quarter of your expenses.

Offered a settlement after an accident? You need legal acumen

You weren't expecting to get into a serious car accident, but it happened. Now, you're grateful that you have such excellent motor vehicle insurance. Your insurance company may be acting friendly, but chances are that they want to limit their financial liability for the accident as much as possible. This is true both of your own insurance company and whatever company was insuring the driver who caused the accident.

Driving dangers: Watch out for these risks

You head to work every day of the week, and you know that you have to take highways, residential roads and other streets to get there. Where are you most at risk of being involved in a collision? At what time of day are you most at risk? How can you avoid an accident? These are great questions that deserve an answer. Here are a few facts about accidents in the United States and California.

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