What happens when a driver with bad insurance injures you?

You probably do everything you can to stay safe on the road. You follow the law. You wear your seat belt. You watch out for other drivers, as well as motorcycles and bicycles. No matter how careful you are, however, you can't control the poor decisions and bad driving of others.

It only takes a second for another driver to cause a major accident that leaves you injured. After sustaining serious injuries in a traffic accident, you probably aren't worried about finances. You're grateful to be alive and wondering how long it will take you to heal. Sadly, car accidents can have quite an impact on your financial stability.

Emergency transportation to the hospital and trauma care can cost thousands of dollars. Surgeries and ongoing physical therapy to aid in your recovery can add even more to your medical expenses. Depending on your job and how bad your injuries are, you may end up missing out on work until you recover from your injuries. In the case of serious head injuries or spinal injuries, you could become permanently disabled and unable to work. An accident can continue impacting you for many years or even the rest of your life.

Minimum insurance policies don't cover much

All drivers in California carry are required to carry motor vehicle insurance if they drive cars on public roads. Unfortunately, many people carry only the minimum required insurance under the law. If you get into an accident with someone whose policy only meets California minimum requirements, you could find that it isn't enough insurance to cover all of your financial losses.

If you were the only person injured, the policy will only pay $15,000 for medical care. If you and another person got hurt, that amount increases to $30,000. The policy only has to have $5,000 of property coverage. Chances are good that damages to even a used vehicle could quickly exceed $5,000. A single surgery could easily consume all of the available medical coverage. You could get left with serious expenses after insurance pays out on your case. Before that happens, you should speak with an experienced California personal injury attorney.

An attorney understands your legal options

You don't have to accept the first settlement an insurance company offers you. Your attorney may be able to negotiate for better settlement terms. If that isn't a possibility, you may need to explore you other options. A civil lawsuit against the other driver may be a necessity. There may be other parties who share some legal liability as well. When your lawyer knows all the details of your situation, it will be easier to determine what your best course of action will be.

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