A lawyer can begin protecting at the scene of an accident

When you experience a car accident, you may not know what to do first or how to respond appropriately while protecting your rights. Car accidents are surprisingly violent experiences that may disorient a victim severely. For these and many other reasons, it is often wise to consider calling an attorney out to scene of an accident before things get out of hand or you inadvertently assume any liability in the eyes of another party.

Even a relatively minor car accident may incur thousands and thousands of dollars in property damage, medical costs, lost income and other expenses. If you do not properly protect your rights in the immediate aftermath of the accident, you may find yourself on the hook for damages that are not truly your responsibility.

What can a lawyer do for you at the scene?

A lawyer may serve two primary functions at the scene of an accident, both to advise you as you communicate with other parties at the scene and to help assess the accident itself and collect relevant evidence.

One cannot overstate the importance of avoiding incriminating statements at the scene of an accident. In some instances, even apologizing that the accident occurred may imply liability.

While you do not need to act rudely to other parties and should cooperate with police if they come to the scene, it is always wise to consult an attorney before saying anything that might imply liability. Doing so could prove a costly mistake. In many cases, simply having an attorney to field others' questions and provide a buffer between you and other parties is invaluable.

At the same time, a lawyer understands the kind of evidence that really makes a difference when it comes to auto accident claims. He or she can go about collecting evidence at the scene of the accident while you focus on regaining your composure and seeking any necessary medical attention.

The lawyer may collect photographic evidence, and video evidence of the scene, and may interview other parties at the scene. He or she may also seek out security camera footage from any nearby cameras that may shed light on the events that led to the accident.

Often, the minutes and hours just following a car accident are the best times to collect crucial evidence for a claim, before the wreckage gets cleared away.

Don't wait to start protecting your rights

When you call an attorney out to the scene of a crime, you have the room to focus on the things that only you can truly control, like your own recovery from the accident. Don't make a costly mistake by missing crucial evidence at the scene or saying something that may place liability for the accident on you. Be sure to use every tool you have available to recover from a car accident experience.

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