Motorcycle safety: Don't forget these basic points

Drivers who are on the roads in the Vista area, where a large part of the year enjoys lovely weather, are likely to see motorcycles on the roadways. It is imperative that everyone has a good idea of basic motorcycle facts that can help others drive safely around them.

Without proper safety measures on the part of all drivers, motorcyclists face serious risks. They are five times more likely to suffer injuries in an accident and 26 times more likely to die in a crash than people who are in other vehicles. Consider this information:

Motorcyclists might decide to coast

Some motorcyclists don't hit their brakes to stop when there is plenty of distance to slow down first. The biker might opt to let up off of the throttle to slow down so they don't have to stop completely at a red light. Of course, they would stop if they make it to the light and it is still red. Since hitting the brakes isn't always necessary, motorcycles sometimes slow down without any signs, such as brake lights, so drivers should watch for signs of the reduced speed.

Stopping distance varies

Most motorcycles have a stopping distance that is comparable to passenger cars. This doesn't mean that drivers should drive closely to a motorcycle because there is a chance that a hazard on the roadway might impact stopping distance. Slippery pavement, for example, would increase the stopping distance. A motorcyclist who is rear-ended could suffer greatly.

Recognition is difficult

Motorcycles are often difficult to spot due to a small profile. They can sometimes get lost in a driver's blind spot or behind other obstacles like signs or shrubbery. In some cases, a driver might unintentionally miss a motorcycle. All of these can be deadly for the motorcyclist. More than half of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve another driver. In two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents, including fatal and non-fatal, the other driver is at fault because he or she didn't give the motorcyclist one's right of way.

Hazards can have unexpected impacts

Since motorcycles roll on two wheels, hazards like slippery leaves or gravel on the road can cause the motorcycle to react in unexpected ways. The biker might lose control of the motorcycle when encountering these hazards. Other drivers should make sure that they leave ample room for the motorcyclist to maneuver the bike since you never know when an obstacle will be present.

Motorcyclists who are harmed may decide to seek compensation for their injuries. The circumstances of the accident come into question during the case.

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