Why the California DOT is studying traffic

Whether it's the federal or California Department of Transportion (DOT), both are constantly working to identify safer, more expedient ways to move motorists from their point of origin to their destination.

Recently, this has led DOT officials to look more closely at what's come to be known as the "diverging diamond" type of intersection design. It's currently being slated as the next best way to reduce accidents that happen at intersections.

This roadway design pattern calls for taking a series of lanes traveling in one direction and flipping them so that they head in the opposite one while the motorist is traveling beneath a highway. This diverging diamond intersection design (DDI) reportedly does away with the extremely risky left-hand turns that motorists currently make in front of opposing traffic.

One of the roadway's designers also says that the DDI reduces the risk of a motorist entering a highway exit ramp the wrong way. He notes that this has increasingly become a big issue with motorists in recent years.

Preliminary data, that has been compiled in one Missouri town that has already built a DDI intersection, saw a 60 percent reduction in crashes within the first five months from the time it was put into operation. It's believed that dozens of other similarly designed intersections are currently being built across the United States.

Researchers have noted that the DDI does have some inherent drawbacks though. For one, it requires significant space for it to be built. It, therefore, may not be as ideal for more urban settings as other designs might.

The second drawback is that motorists run the risk of having to backtrack significant distances if they miss their original turn they're supposed to make. DDI's designer notes that the design, however, makes exits clearer which, in turn, may make motorists less likely to miss their their exit in the first place.

If you've been injured in a highway or intersection accident, then a Vista, California car crash attorney can advise you of your right to sue for lost wages and medical bills in your case.

Source: Fortune, "New "diverging diamond" intersection design cuts crashes by sixty percent," David Morris, accessed Nov. 03, 2017

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