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Just how safe are charter buses to ride on?

In recent weeks, a charter bus carrying a dozen or more cruise ship passengers was involved in a wreck that claimed at least ten of their lives in Mexico. In another instance in recent years, another charter bus, returning from a casino trip to Palm Springs, California crashed on its way back to Los Angeles killing several passengers and injuring many others.

Can I file a lost wages claim if I'm self-employed?

If you're involved in a car accident and miss time from the job, then you'll likely want to recover the money you lost while unable to work. While, if you're a salaried employee, you may find it easy to produce your work schedule along with documentation showing days you missed recovering from your crash, it may be a bit harder for an independent contractor.

Underride accidents one of many risks from commercial trucks

Most people on the road already understand that commercial trucks can be dangerous. They have massive blind spots and difficulty stopping quickly. Their drivers have to complete more education and face more legal restrictions on driving, but they are still humans who make mistakes. Understanding the risk posed by commercial trucks allows you to be more proactive in sharing the road with this huge vehicles.

What are the factors that give way to truck crashes?

A few years back, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) commissioned a study into the causes of tractor-trailer crashes. Researchers who took part in the "Large Truck Crash Causation Study" were able to identify 12 different factors that contributed to increased collision rates.

What are the primary causes of motorcycle crashes?

Statistics show that there are three main reasons motorcyclists crash. One of the more common reasons they do is because they're reportedly hard for motorists to be able to detect either when alone or mixed in with other oncoming traffic. Another reason is because of some type of rider error. The third reason has to do with bike defects or failures.

3 tips to help you win an accident claim

Imagine driving through Miramar along your normal commute to work. Your morning is following its standard pattern. You picked up coffee and a bagel from your favorite cafe and you are pretty sure the cars around you are the same ones that you share your commute with every day. Unfortunately, your plan for a nice typical day at work took an unexpected turn when you stopped at a traffic light only two blocks from your office. The person behind you did not stop. Now, you are facing expensive medical bills for damage to your neck and back, your car might be totaled and you will have to miss work for at least a few weeks.

Take care about recorded statements after a car crash

You didn't expect to get into a car crash, potentially caused by the other driver, but it suddenly happened. Despite your injuries and the damage to your vehicle, you survived. You may have felt grateful to have good car insurance to cover your losses, including the price of repairing or replacing your vehicle, your medical costs due to your injuries and the lost wages that could result from an accident. You probably submitted images of the crash on an app or online shortly after the crash.

Why is road debris the highest rated cause of freeway crashes?

A recently released study conducted by the the Traffic Safety Foundation, part of the American Automobile Association (AAA), suggests that one of the highest risk factors for highway crashes is road debris. They note that lost loads and other types of hazards accounted for at least 200,000 freeway accidents starting in 2011 and ending in 2014. At least 500 of those crashes resulted in driver fatalities.

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