What are the primary causes of motorcycle crashes?

Statistics show that there are three main reasons motorcyclists crash. One of the more common reasons they do is because they're reportedly hard for motorists to be able to detect either when alone or mixed in with other oncoming traffic. Another reason is because of some type of rider error. The third reason has to do with bike defects or failures.

At least 66 percent of all motorcycle crashes involve the motorcyclists and the operator of a passenger car. Head-on crashes have the highest potential for resulting in serious injuries or death for a motorcyclist. These type of crashes most often occur at intersections. Oftentimes, when motorists are questioned by police about why they may have crashed into a motorcycle, they often report that they didn't see the motorcyclists in traffic.

Rider error is believed to be to blame for all but one-third of all solo motorcyclist crashes. A large portion of these accidents are caused by the biker making too wide of a turn or sliding into a corner. At least one-quarter of all motorcycle accidents involve the motorcyclist crashing into some type of fixed object or hazard, such as a pothole.

Speed is another contributing factor to solo motorcycle crashes. When crash scene reconstruction studies have been conducted, it's often been shown that motorcyclists were going some 29.8 mph before the crash. At the actual time of the crash, motorcyclists were often going just 21.5 mph. Only one in every 1,000 solo motorcycle accidents has been shown to occur at a rate in excess of 86 mph.

The third most common cause of motorcycle crashes, vehicle defects, is responsible for at least 3 percent of accidents each year. In most cases, it's later found that a motorcyclist failed to properly maintain his or her bike, resulting in catastrophic consequences for him or her.

Animals entering the path of the bike and causing a crash happens in less than 1 percent of all incidences.

Other factors that increase the likelihood of you becoming involved in a motorcycle crash is if you're between the ages of 16 and 24 and male.

If you've been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle collision as as result of someone else's negligence, then a Vista, California, motorcycle accident attorney can help.

Source: Ride Apart, "Top 3 reasons why motorcycles crash," Kevin Morris, accessed Dec. 08, 2017

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