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A motorcyclist is injured after a strike by an autonomous vehicle

One of the first of what's sure to be many lawsuits has been filed against the autonomous car manufacturer, General Motors (GM). A San Francisco motorcyclist just filed a lawsuit in federal court during the penultimate week in January for what it claims is the auto manufacturing giant's negligent operation of its Cruise autonomous vehicle (AV).

Pregnant women should always go to the hospital after a car crash

Car accidents can result in injuries anytime, but can prove to be particularly dangerous for women who are pregnant, regardless of how long they've been pregnant. That's one of the reasons why most obstetricians recommend for their patients to always seek medical care after a car crash. They note that it doesn't matter whether it involved multiple cars or was a simple fender-bender.

Don’t offer this information to your insurer

Driving in Miramar, like in many other places, comes with its own set of dangers. Whether it is a negligent driver or someone driving under the influence, you are at risk of an accident with another person every time you get behind the wheel. Since you may not be able to avoid every potential car wreck, it is important to know what to do in the aftermath of one.

How learning from fatal bike crash data may save your life

Statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that 818 bike riders were involved in fatal crashes with cars in 2015. This marked over a 12 percent increase from 2014's numbers. While bicyclist death rates increased from one year to the next, the injury rate decreased by 5,000 to around 45,000 during the same time frame.

Higher speeds lead to more serious motor vehicle crashes

Getting into a motor vehicle collision at any speed is a dangerous and frightening experience. Even if you are only traveling at 25 miles per hour (mph) on city streets, you could sustain serious injuries and potentially incur substantial damage to your vehicle. However, the faster you travel, the worse the potential outcome of a crash.

How can I avoid being injured by a lift truck as a pedestrian?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), pedestrian safety is of great concern, especially around power industry trucks such as ones with any type of lifts on them. According to the Department of Labor (DOL), pedestrians being struck by truck lifts account for an overwhelming majority of work-related accidents in the United States.

3 critical types of distracted driving

You see driver distraction daily. Maybe it's the Uber driver trying to type a new address into his phone. Maybe it's the teen driver trying to text her friends on the way to the movies. Maybe it's the parent with three kids in the back seat, looking back to talk to them or hand out snacks.

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