Higher speeds lead to more serious motor vehicle crashes

Getting into a motor vehicle collision at any speed is a dangerous and frightening experience. Even if you are only traveling at 25 miles per hour (mph) on city streets, you could sustain serious injuries and potentially incur substantial damage to your vehicle. However, the faster you travel, the worse the potential outcome of a crash.

Those driving on highways, freeways and interstates experience the greatest risk of serious injury and even death if an accident happens. Greater speeds mean it takes longer to come to a full stop. They also make poor road conditions more dangerous, as a driver could lose control of the vehicle suddenly.

Even with higher speed limits, people still choose to speed

Speeding, a popular term for exceeding the posted speed limit, is a very dangerous practice. In 2016, 27 percent of fatal car crashes in the United States involved at least one vehicle that was either exceeding the posted speed limit or driving far too fast for the road conditions at the time. That means that there were 10,111 deaths across the country related to driving too fast.

Major and minor roads often see much speeding, including racing. People may drive on these surface roads at speeds as high as those posted on freeways or may even exceed those. Roughly half of all speeding-related fatalities take place on roads with posted speed limits below 55 mph.

While they account for just over a quarter of speed-related fatalities, highway speeding accidents can be particularly dangerous. After all, the speed of traffic is probably already over 70 mph. At such high speeds, the potential for injury and death increases, and the ability to properly and safely respond to unexpected stimuli increases. Unless you're traveling hundreds of miles, the minuscule amount of time speeding takes off your commute simply isn't worth the risk to yourself and everyone else on the road.

When other people speed, they put you at risk

You may think that because you are a safe and cautious driver, speed-related accidents aren't a major risk to you. Unfortunately, it only takes one person to end that belief. Someone traveling at high speeds might be unable to stop, resulting in a rear-end collisions. Other times, loss of control of a vehicle could lead to a collision. If the other driver swerves out of one's lane, it could mean a head-on crash, which is very dangerous to you and your passengers.

If you sustained injuries due to a crash caused by someone else speeding, you could find yourself out of work for several weeks or even years. Some crashes result in permanent disability, which could leave you with steep medical bills and no income. In that situation, you should explore your legal options for being compensated for multiple levels of losses.

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