Pregnant women should always go to the hospital after a car crash

Car accidents can result in injuries anytime, but can prove to be particularly dangerous for women who are pregnant, regardless of how long they've been pregnant. That's one of the reasons why most obstetricians recommend for their patients to always seek medical care after a car crash. They note that it doesn't matter whether it involved multiple cars or was a simple fender-bender.

Doctors even recommend that pregnant women seek medical care after an accident, even if they feel as if no harm was done. One of the reasons they recommend this is because they're likely to have seen a number of pregnant women experience a placental abruption during their career.

In the case of a placental abruption, if it occurs, it can cause you to miscarry, hemorrhage or to have to prematurely deliver your baby. Some women will never experience any symptoms related to these.

By heading into the emergency room after a crash, it will allow doctors to perform an ultrasound and comprehensive obstetric exam on you. If the placenta remains intact and appears to have gone unharmed, then you'll have the peace of mind that everything is okay.

If you arrive at the hospital suffering from contractions or experiencing abnormal bleeding, then it's likely that doctors will want to monitor the two of you while there.

Also, if doctors are aware that you're Rh-negative, then it's likely they'll likely give you an Rh immunoglobulin injection. This will reduce the chance of complications resulting from your and your baby's blood mixing together.

Even once released from the hospital, it's likely that your doctor will warn you to remain vigilant for fluid leaking out, abdominal pain, bleeding and contractions. They'll also want you to make sure that your baby continues to move as well.

One of the most common reasons pregnant women suffer serious injuries or die in car crashes is because they fail to wear a properly secured seat belt when driving around. In cases in which mothers die or are seriously injured in car crashes, it often results in either their death or the fetus' premature delivery.

If you've suffered complications or you've lost your pregnancy as a result of your involvement in a car crash, then a Vista car accident attorney can advise you of your right to sue the negligent driver in your case.

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