How likely is it that my child will be struck at the bus stop?

Many parents often express concern over their child's well-being while riding on school buses. Few, however, stop to realize that their kids are perhaps even more unsafe at bus stops, either waiting to be picked up or when they're getting dropped off.

In fact, according to a recent study conducted by the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice (CIPP), at least 24 percent of all childrens' school bus injuries don't actually occur on the vehicle itself. Instead, they happen while they're either boarding or getting off it.

Research conducted by School Transportation News shows that while only seven children lose their lives while riding aboard the school bus itself annually, another 19 die either before or after that. Those who lose their lives either before getting on or after disembarking the bus tend to fall within that 5- to 7-year-old age range.

The researchers also determined that these children are most often struck while moving about within the bus's "danger zone". This refers to the any space within 10 feet from the front, sides or rear portion of the bus's exterior. In other instances, it's usually either the bus driver that strikes the child or a passing motorist that fails to obey the stop sign or red flashing lights illuminated on the vehicle itself.

Statistics show that fatal pedestrian accidents in or around school buses are most apt to occur during the afternoons more so than during the morning hours. In fact, 38 percent of all fatal crashes happen within the 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. window.

The addition of mechanical arms to the design of newly manufactured school buses in recent years has been effective at keeping school-aged kids at a desirable distance from the front portion of them. The installation of cameras to record motorists as they pass stopped school buses has helped deter fatal pedestrian crashes as well.

If your child has been struck at or around a school bus stop, then a Vista pedestrian accident attorney can advise you of your rights to recover both current and future medical costs related to his or her injuries.

Source: Stanford Children's Health, "How safe is the school bus?," accessed Feb. 01, 2018

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