When someone doesn't see you at an intersection

You might imagine that freeways and highways are the single biggest source of collision risk when you're on the road. There's a common misconception that faster speeds always equal greater risk. While there is certainly the possibility for a serious collision, injuries and even death when traveling at higher speeds on the interstate, freeways aren't responsible for roughly half of all major collisions and crashes.

For many drivers, the riskiest place to drive is actually near an intersection. According to the Federal Highway Administration, more than 50 percent of all fatal and injury crashes happen at or very close to an intersection. There are many potential factors that can contribute to an intersection crash, and driver negligence is often one of them.

Not everyone comes to a full stop like they should

When you reach a four-way stop or a red light at an intersection, the law mandates that you bring your vehicle to a complete stop to review the situation before you proceed through the intersection. Sadly, many drivers don't comply with this rule. Maybe they are in a rush. Perhaps they think they have the right of way. Whatever the reason, rolling through a stop sign, red light or intersection can quickly become a major mistake.

There is a risk of collision with other vehicles, whether they are stopped, turning or moving through the intersection according to right-of-way laws. Others, including pedestrians and bicyclists, are also at or near major intersections. Drivers who don't stop and adequately check their surroundings could hit a person, a car or a bicycle, with tragic results.

Failing to review the environment is a form of negligence

People who drive the same route day in and day out tend to take certain factors for granted over time. If there is rarely traffic at a four-way stop, for example, a driver may simply choose not to stop or even check the intersection properly for traffic. Other times, a driver approaches an intersection and sees that as an opportunity to adjust one's clothing, read a text that just came in or make a phone call. Adding a distraction at the exact moment when a crash is most likely is a serious mistake.

There are other factors that can contribute to intersection crashes other than failing to properly look at the situation. Assuming the wrong action on behalf of another driver, turning without a clear view, making an illegal maneuver and even misjudging the speed of another vehicle can all result in a collision.

Experiencing a crash caused by another driver's negligence is frustrating. It can leave you with medical bills, lost wages and an expensive repair bill for your vehicle. You should consider all of your potential options for compensation, including a lawsuit against a negligent driver, before settling or signing any waivers after a crash.

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