What types of crashes most lead to spinal cord injuries?

Each year in the United States, as many as 12,500 new individuals will suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI). The circumstances in which they may occur vary.

According to the University of Alabama's National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, men are the most apt to suffer SCIs and account for 80 percent of all victims. Younger men are particularly vulnerable, especially if they engage in playing contact sports, drag race cars or otherwise drive at high rates of speed.

Speaking of cars, one statistic released in 2014 showed that seven percent, or 1,718 males who were involved in car crashes suffered SCIs that year. Just over two percent of females, or 122 of them, experienced the same fate.

As far as motorcycles are concerned, 6.9 percent of men who were involved motorbike crashes that year suffered SCIs. This equates to just under 1,700 individuals. In comparison, women motorcyclists suffered SCIs in only two and a half percent of these crashes. This means that around 145 women were afflicted by them.

That same year, male pedestrians only suffered SCIs in one and a half percent of all instances in which they were struck. Just over 350 were impacted by them. Women suffered SCIs in a little over two percent of all cases. Around 131 women were involved in pedestrian accidents resulting in SCIs in 2014.

Bicycle crashes account for by far the smallest amount of SCIs of all different crash types. In 2014, just under two percent of all bike collisions resulted in a male rider experiencing an SCI. Some 409 men's lives were impacted as a result. Women had an SCI rate of less than one percent. Just 49 women suffered SCIs stemming from their involvement in bicycle crashes that year.

Other SCIs occurred as a result of slips and falls, objects coming down atop of others, gunshot wounds, surgical complications, contact sports and fighting.

If you've suffered an SCI after having been involved in a motor vehicle accident, a Vista car accidents attorney can advise you of your rights to recover medical expenses in your case.

Source: SpinalCord.com, "The top 10 causes of spinal cord injuries," Zawn Villiness, accessed March 23, 2018

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