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With decades of successes representing injured clients across the state, let our law firm provide you with legal security in the aftermath of a reckless driver hitting your motorcycle. Together we will work to get justice for your injury predicament.


Riding a motorcycle can often be exhilarating and peaceful, until that peace is shattered by someone who fails to take proper caution. If you have been involved in an accident caused by another’s negligence, you understand the frustration and physical pain this situation causes. Our experienced attorneys understand these struggles and can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

We appreciate the bravery and courage it takes to ride a motorcycle. Unfortunately, far too often motorcyclists experience unnecessary danger from inattentive drivers who fail to see them on the road. We understand this issue deeply here at Traffic Accident Law Center because of our San Diego motorcycle accident attorney Steve Gnau’s personal experiences with such accidents. He knows how helpless those involved can feel afterwards and is committed to protecting their rights by fighting aggressively for justice against those responsible parties on their behalf; starting immediately after they come into contact with us until resolution or trial completion.

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At our firm, we are dedicated to being your advocate during what can be a difficult and stressful time. Our team of experienced legal specialists in San Diego is here for you with personalized attention throughout the entire process as we build your case using expert advice from accident reconstructionists, mechanics, medical professionals and more.

The factors that go into a motorcycle accident:


Bad Drivers


Negligent Motorists


Blind Spots


Lane Splitting


Misalignment of the Motorcycle

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Our trial experience and case results speak for themselves. As skilled trial lawyers, we have successfully handled claims against other drivers, insurance companies, motorcycle manufacturers and construction companies after a crash. While many personal injury attorneys claim to have experience with motorcycle accidents, few actually ride, and our track record and success are well-respected due to our commitment to every client.


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Armstrong vs. Breslin, et al. – In this motorcycle versus motorcycle accident, the case was tried before the San Diego County Superior Court, El Cajon district. Attorney Daniel Tamez was recognized for his outstanding result in this trial and awarded the prestigious Outstanding Trial Lawyer in 2007 by the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. Our client was severely injured with multiple fractures and other injuries when another motorcycle driver drove directly in front of our client. The responsible party argued that our client was speeding and had veered into him and that our client was the sole cause of the motorcycle accident. However, at trial, the jury awarded the full amount of our client’s damages without any reduction. The judge disallowed what we viewed as the insurance companies’ improper tactics, and that caused the insurance company to incur an additional cost of about $35,000 (to the benefit of our client).

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If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, the legal consequences can be challenging. You may feel overwhelmed and confused about your rights and options as an injured party. Fortunately, The Accident Law Center is here to help!

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The harsh realities of a motorcycle accident can be greatly overwhelming and confusing – no one should have to face such difficulty alone. That’s why we provide compassionate legal services, supporting you on this challenging journey with our expertise so that your rights and interests are always protected.

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