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If you or a family member have been involved in a pedestrian accident, seeking counsel can lead to the best possible resolution. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers is here to provide assistance during this difficult time.


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Have you been in a pedestrian accident in San Diego County?

After experiencing a pedestrian accident, you can benefit immensely from legal representation. An experienced lawyer will have the knowledge and resources to help you navigate through the process. Not only are they up to date on the latest laws and regulations, but they can also provide information and support throughout your case. With their experience in personal injury law, a lawyer is able to review evidence, develop an effective strategy for settlement negotiations or trial, and act as a strong advocate for any damages or losses you may have suffered in a pedestrian accident.

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It is important for pedestrians to remain alert when using the walkways and roadways. Walking, jogging, riding a bicycle, skateboarding, roller skating or Segway riding are all examples of pedestrian uses of the public space that require every individual involved to be aware of their surroundings and exercise caution. But not everyone adheres to the laws to stay alert of all the many people commuting along roadways.

We all know how terrifying it can be to experience, or witness, an accident as a pedestrian. At times like these, understanding your rights can provide some much-needed peace of mind. That is why we offer legal knowledge to protect pedestrians involved in accidents: no matter the severity of the incident, you are entitled to certain rights that can take away some of the stress and worry associated with these unfortunate situations. Armed with this knowledge, you’re given a better chance at getting the justice you deserve. With our help and guidance, we’ll make sure you get it.


Causes of Pedestrian accidents:


Faulty intersection design or upkeep


Reckless driving


Drunk or Distracted driving




Pedestrian or driver negligence

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Pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable to serious injuries if involved in an accident. Choosing the correct legal team to represent you in such a serious matter is of utmost importance. Our lawyers are the best for pedestrian accidents and have the experience and knowledge behind them, so your case is given full consideration and justice is served accordingly.

Representation of the highest quality should be sought out and with those who have a history of success when it comes to pedestrian accidents. To ensure victory and justice, you deserve representation from The Traffic Accident Center.

All you have to do is complete a brief inquiry form on our website or reach out at (619) 882-1111. We are ready and willing to assist however we can.

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A pedestrian accident can be a terrifying ordeal. Let us help you take the stress out of navigating this difficult time – our experienced lawyers are here to provide caring, compassionate support while helping you make sense of any complex legal issues when they arise.


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