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Light at the end of the tunnelHave you or a loved one been injured? Not sure where to go to get help? Who can you trust to make sure you will be represented? At the Traffic Accident Law Center, we have over 30 years of combined experience representing our clients to ensure they are justly compensated for their personal injuries. We provide exceptional legal representation for our clients so they can recover from their injuries while we fight to ensure they receive proper compensation. In Southern California, Traffic Accident Law Center is operated by the Gnau & Tamez Law Group, LLP. Read more about our history.

Why Use The Traffic Accident Law Center to Represent Your Case?

Gnau & Tamez Law Firm StaffAs your San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys, we will take care of you, our client, to make sure you receive a fair and full recovery for your injuries. Recently we represented clients in San Diego that had been severely injured in a car accident with several other passengers. When they contacted our law firm, they had the feelings that many of our clients have: fear and hopelessness. As they explained the case to us over the phone, they had no idea of where to turn or who could actually get them results. The insurance company told them that all of the passengers would only be eligible for $500,000 in compensation. The Traffic Accident Law Center represented them and in the end all of the passengers split $1,050,000 for their injuries. We see these types of clients all the time. Normal people whose lives change in an instant and who do not know where to turn for help. Our firm will not allow others to take advantage of you, we are here to represent you. You deserve the best.

Experience and a Proven Track Record Matter

Our Law Firm brings an unparalleled track record to every client we represent. At the Traffic Accident Law Center, we have many years of experience, knowledge and a winning track record all of which enable us to represent you well. Since 1995, our firm has secured verdicts for our clients who have experienced personal injury in such cases as:

  • Pedestrian Injury Mediation $1,950,000
  • Bicycle Injury Case $254,000
  • Truck Accident Case $375,000
  • Limousine Accident Case with Cervical Fracture $300,000
  • Read-end collision Neck Injury Case Requiring Surgery $250,000
  • Numerous Auto Accident Settlements for $100,000

The circumstances justifying the results above are found on our Case Results page along with other success stories. Note, these result were dependent on the facts of each individual case and results will differ based on different facts.

We take our clients’ cases serious. If you are hurt and injured, you need experience and proven results to ensure you are properly represented.

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We are conveniently located in downtown San Diego and offer a free consultation to gather the details of your case. Please fill out the free consultation form above. Also, call or email us today about your potential case. One of our staff will contact you promptly to gather more information and to explain how we can handle your case. As your Personal Injury Attorneys, we are in your corner and will use our years of experience and proven track record to ensure you a fair and proper judgment for your personal injuries.

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Barbara M - San Diego

“Steve Gnau’s dedication resulted in a final recovery over 4 times greater than the insurance company’s settlement offer”

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