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While a bicycle accident can unfortunately have drastic consequences, understanding your rights and learning to navigate the complexities of legal matters afterwards is important for finding peace. Don’t try going it alone – talk to our lawyers today.

Bicycle accidents are on the rise

Bike riding is a popular activity in San Diego due to its year-round mild temperatures, but with more riders comes an increased risk of bicycle accidents. Statistics show that bicycle accident injury and fatality rates are on the rise in San Diego; in 2018, there were 151 reported cycling crashes resulting in 117 injuries and four fatalities throughout the city. Furthermore, motorcycle fatality rates remain at an alarming 13 percent throughout San Diego county. Pedestrians as well as cyclists need to be extra vigilant when navigating the roads.

When tragedy strikes, call the traffic accident law center

When you have been involved in a bicycle accident, you need to reach out to attorneys who specialize in traffic accidents and know the law. The Traffic Accident Law Center has experienced attorneys who are ready and waiting to help you through your legal issues. They understand the complexities of cycling law and can support you through such a traumatic event. They will fight for your rights so you can receive compensation for any medical bills or other damages that may have been incurred in your accident. Don’t go through this process alone – depend on the specialists at the Traffic Accident Law Center for support and justice.

Reasons bicyclists can get into an accident:


Motorists make unsafe lane changes or turning without looking for bicycle-riders


The bicycle lane is narrow and drivers are too close


Distracted drivers on their phone or other activities may not see the cyclist

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we don’t cut corners to protect your rights

It is common knowledge that bicycle riders are among the most vulnerable on the road. You may think that this reflects on your rights if you ever experience an accident, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our law firm understands that cyclists have just as much right to compensation for their injuries as any other driver involved in a collision. We are dedicated to helping you seek justice and secure the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today and we will make sure that your rights are respected both now and in the future.

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After a bicycle accident, life can be turned upside down. Seeking justice and having legal representation is essential in order to protect your rights from any further losses – whether it be medical expenses or absence of income due to an unfortunate incident. Taking the step toward seeking just compensation may help with healing as you work through unresolved issues related with the accident being litigated over – providing some much-needed relief during this difficult time.

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After a bicycle accident, the journey to recovery can prove challenging. Seek justice and protection of your rights from any further losses such as medical bills or lost income through legal representation – taking this step towards finding just compensation may offer relief in healing unresolved issues related with the incident at hand. We understand how hard this time might be for you, so let us help lighten some of that burden by standing up for what’s right.

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